Want to partner with me on a project?

For more information on rates and booking please contact Jaimee Constantine at The Lisa Ekus Group.
jaimee@ lisaekus.com or (413) 247-9325

Brand Ambassador: If you are looking for someone to represent your brand and the fit is right, I can be your product ambassador. Ambassadorship can be through a series of blog posts, mentions on social media, in person or on camera.

Company/Brand events: Invite me to attend your event and learn about your product, cause, contest, food celebrity endorsement, etc.

Editorial: I am available for writing; ghost writing, freelance editing, as well as recipe development and recipe editing.

Food Photography: Editorial and advertorial services available. Clients include Roland American Foods, Panera Bread, and Food Network. Click here to see my Food and Travel Photography Portfolio.

Travel: I'm available to represent and/or accompany brands on trips as a travel and food writer and photographer. I love to share my experiences on the road with my readers.

Digital Media and Television Production: With over 15 years experience in TV cooking shows Virginia Willis has been involved in the production of over 1000 episodes.
• Kitchen director for Martha Stewart Living Television
• Kitchen director for The Main Ingredient with Bobby Flay on Lifetime
• Three PBS series for Nathalie Dupree
• Executive producer for Epicurious on The Discovery Channel
• Producer of Home Plate on Turner South

Food Styling: Editorial, advertorial, or commercial food-styling services available. Click here to see the Food Styling Portfolio.

Something else? Have another idea you'd like to pitch? We'd love to hear it. Let's work together!

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Past and Current Clients

  • The Atlanta Bread Company
  • Coca-Cola
  • Denny's
  • Disney World
  • ESPNZone
  • FoodMatch Inc.
  • Fresh Express
  • GA Pecan Commission
  • Logan's Roadhouse
  • LongHorn Steakhouse
  • TGI Friday's
  • Olive Garden
  • Panera Bread Company
  • Roland American Foods
  • Sodexho
  • Turner Studios
  • Uncle Ben's
  • Waffle House
  • Whole Foods Market
  • WingZone


"Virginia Willis can do anything. Virginia can step into a project that is in chaos and calmly, positively, organize and get it done."- Shirley O. Corriher, Author of CookWise

"Virginia Willis has shown an extraordinary excellence at a wide range of culinary activities. She is well trained, classically and in American cuisine, particularly Southern. I've loved working with her and would recommend her for nearly any culinary related activity."- Nathalie Dupree, Southern cooking authority

"Virginia is one of strongest branches on my own personal networking tree, her skill for putting the right people together to create an entirely new phenomenon is a wonder to behold! She charms our customers with her amazing food knowledge, delivered in an easy, accessible and personable style!" - Cheryl Galway, Whole Foods Market, Regional Marketing Director, South Region

"Delicious! That describes the recipes developed for us by Virginia Willis Culinary Productions. We gave them very little lead-time and they were able to meet our requirements with time to spare. We were extremely pleased with the work they did for us and wouldn't hesitate to utilize them again for future development." - Cheryl Mangus, Assistant Project Manager for Fresh Express

"Watching Virginia cook in front of a crowd is a study in organization meets artistry. Her enthusiasm for getting it right and her focus on detail is inspiring. She shares the joy of creating recipes inspired by world travel or perhaps just a perfect July tomato." - Carolyn O'Neil, Author of The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous!, former CNN Food & Health Correspondent

"As a cooking teacher Virginia's depth of experience and knowledge in the culinary world combined with her passion, creativity, and great personality can culminate in nothing but pleasure for the student. And, it will certainly be beneficial that she knows how to manage a project - she's on time, on target, and on budget. I can give her nothing less than my highest recommendation." - Mary Moore, Owner Cook's Warehouse

"Virginia Willis is a godsend. Not only does she know how to write a recipe that even a novice could follow, but also an engaging story that will entice them to start making a grocery list. Although her culinary credentials are impeccable, her style is friendly and accessible, and her passion and enthusiasm for all things food-related is contagious. Her copy never fails to come in before deadline, clean, and error-free. Her name should be an every newspaper or magazine food editor's Rolodex!" - Susan Puckett, Food Editor for The Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Virginia Willis was first a trainee and then a member of staff with LaVarenne Cooking School in Burgundy, France. Our training is rigorous and she emerged with flying colors. I'd hire her again any day!" - Anne Willan, Founder and Director of Ecole de Cuisine LaVarenne

I am sometimes compensated to work with brands and companies and am involved in various other food-related projects.
I do not accept payment to publish positive feedback on a product.
All opinions in my written posts are entirely my own.